About Co-Tech

Company Introduction

Co-Tech was established by Raymond Soong (Lite-On Group), James Chan (Kwon-Lung Group), Jason Lok and Grant Jiang (GVC electronic Group) with 65 million US Dollars capital in May 1998.

Co-Tech Values & Cultures

  • Everything is based on the company's profits.
  • Study, grow and share to have partnership.
  • Co-working, sync-engineering and fighting as team works.
  • Finding all details.(Ghosts hidden among tiny matters.)。
  • Keep innovating and progressing.(Creative and renewal everyday.)


  • Establish product development strategies and co-develop new products with customers.
  • Value the R&D team and talent cultivation.。
  • Cooperation between academic and research institutions, and the patent strategy implement.


  • Develop high-efficiency and fully automated equipment with suppliers.
  • Low inventory management, cost continues improvement and increase value added.
  • Improve the productivity, increase the production and revenue.

Quality & Service

  • Improve quality and delivery management and control.
  • Rapid, dedicated service and strong technical support team to increase the customer satisfaction.

Environmental protection & Green energy

  • Energy saving and recycling equipment.
  • Solar power green energy generation.


If you want to get more information about our products or services or have any questions, please write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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